Have you been having trouble with choosing the ideal type of flooring option for your home? Or did you already select a floor type once and then realize that is not viable due to the high costs that you will incur? Don’t know whether to apply the same type of floor to all of your rooms or whether to go for something different for specific areas? All of these are problems faced by many homeowners who are yet to tile their homes. They aren’t anything unusual: choosing the right type of floor is an important aspect of home designing, and you can’t simply strip it down after finding out that it doesn’t fit your needs or just doesn’t look good enough.To help such people finally come to a decision, given below is a list of properties they should look out for whenever choosing a flooring option for their homes, no matter whether it is for a single room or for their entire house:

  • Material Type – Flooring options come in all sorts of different materials, and they all have different properties. For example, common flooring options like ceramic or porcelain tiles are hard and resistant to wear, while hardwood floors feel a little better to the touch due to them being made of wood.
  • Cost – Costs are also directly influenced by the type of material you choose, as well as its overall build quality. Flooring options made out of natural woods are on the expensive side, as are good porcelain tiles. If you want something cheaper, consider going for ceramic tiles or semi artificial and artificial flooring options like engineered wood or good laminate flooring.
  • Size of the Tiles or Planks – When you go for tiled flooring or those made out of planks, you can choose what set size you want for a single tile or plank. Smaller tiles are easier to work with when tiling smaller places, while larger ones are better to make your rooms bigger than they actually are.
  • Area to be Floored – The area you need to choose a floor for can also affect your choices quite significantly. Choosing a floor for your kitchen is different from choosing one for your living room or when choosing bathroom tiles. For the kitchen and bathroom, you want something that is water resistant, non-slippery when wet and durable enough to last for a long time.
  • Colour and Customisation – Some flooring options will allow a lot of customisation, from choosing the shape and size of a tile to its colour and even what kind of design is on a tile itself. This is especially true for ceramic tiles, which is why many people still choose them for flooring needs. On the other hand, flooring options like natural stone or hardwood have barely anything you can customise, which may or may not be ideal for you.