Sanitising services are not just performed in medical centres but these could be performed in number of other places to avoid various kind of contaminations. With the plague that the world is currently in, the importance of the sanitising services has increased to a great extent and now every place needs to be sanitised on regular base, either it is a school, office, some factory or some other medical or healthy facility. Although most of the people confuse the term of cleaning with sanitising. Cleaning is regular cleaning to clean of the dust, debris and mould and it could be done with simple water or any kind of detergent whereas the sanitisation is the disinfection of the place in which special chemicals are used to kill the virus and the bacteria so that the space is not only cleaned but it also free from all kinds of diseases. There are certain rules which needs to be followed in order to perform the sanitisation properly and the sanitising services in Brisbane also follow the same guidelines.

What to do during cleaning?

There should be regular staff who is professional and trained so that there are aware of the guidelines and disinfection techniques. These people no matter how much trained they are must never leave the recommended guidelines of personal protection in any case and must wear proper equipment before they could even enter the area which needs to be cleaned. Before, during and after, the regular washing of hands must be performed. Another important thing is that while performing disinfection there are certain chemicals which could be highly flammable especially alcohol and therefore, these must be kept away from the fire and the hand sanitizers which have alcohol in it must be used in the supervision of the adult by the children.

How can employees be educated on importance of the sanitisation?

In case the place is crowded, everyone should understand the importance of the sanitisation and must perform it regularly since the sanitisation services could clean the place every day but they cannot clean it in the presence of the employees therefore, when they are in the space they should perform the disinfections by themselves, should clean their desks once or twice in a day, should regularly wash hands. There must be training programs and some policies for the cleanliness and hygiene so that each employee is aware of the rules and guidelines. Similar kind of practice must be done in educational as well as medical institutions. There is usually a list of standards which are given by the national health systems and these must be followed and practiced.